KEKS' product recommendations can boost your conversion rates by 28% 🚀

Relevant product recommend-ations can boost your conversion rates by 28% 🚀

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Keks boosted conversion rates by 28% 🚀
Wetsuit Warehouse
Keks boosted revenue by 72% 🚀
How It Works
Keks' AI uses computer vision and natural language processing to understand your product catalogue and then makes intelligent recommendations without explicit rules or rigid datafeeds.
Natural Language Processing systems understand product name, brand, description, pricing, sizing, fit, & other text-based data
Computer Vision systems understand image composition, color, gender, style, design, shape, size, material, branding, & other image-based data
Additional product shots augment image data
Connect to our API for fast and seamless integration.
Our AI works out-the-box and requires zero data engineering.
Our AI consumes your product catalogue through an API or webscraper.
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⛔ No
Visually Similar
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⛔ No
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Our Story
The team behind Keks brings over a decade of experience in crafting and refining large-scale recommender systems. We've recognized the inherent limitations of conventional systems — their heavy reliance on structured data, challenging deployment processes, long time-to-value, and a narrow spectrum of recommendation types.

At Keks, we're pioneering a new era of intelligent recommender systems. By leveraging AI, including Computer Vision, our solutions sidestep the typical challenges, delivering more relevant and engaging product recommendations.
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